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We are a small home based breeder of Siberian Forest Cats located near the Cincinnati, Ohio area in Northern Kentucky.  Kittens are raised “under-foot” in a smoke free environment with 3 active children, including a special needs child with Down Syndrome.  They are well socialized with a variety of family members and dogs.   We do not believe in general caging of our cats and they are all treated as loving pets and not typical breeder cats.  We have found a deep love for this very unique breed of cat and wish to share the joy of being a Siberian Forest Cat owner with others. 

 We only breed the Siberian Forest Cat bloodlines and are committed to preserving the integrity of the breed and breed standards. 

 We are a small business and we are registered with the IRS and Kentucky Revenue Service so we must charge a 6% sales tax on our kittens/cats.  We never "ship" kittens and only will provide transportation via a hand carrier who is an authorized agent of Cold Spring Siberians, so there are no sight unseen internet sales.

We are also registered with both the CFA (The Cat Fanciers Association) and TICA (The International Cat Association) as catteries and follow both organizations breeder code of ethics.

The Siberian Breed

 The Siberian Forest cat is a large, natural, healthy, semi long hair breed from Russia.  They are slow maturing and are not considered full grown until they reach 5 years of age.  Siberians have only been imported into the United States since 1990.  They are commonly referred to as “dog-like” in personality.  Siberians are very intelligent and playful.  Some of them have a love of water.  The Siberian Forest Cat is a very loyal, social and affectionate pet and does better in homes that have plenty of time to spend with them or with a home that has two Siberians. 

The Siberian Forest Cat breed is hypoallergenic.

Siberians also are hypoallergenic (low allergen producing).  Our family has several people with cat allergies (myself included) and we are able to survive with a bunch of big, beautiful Siberians in the home.  I suffer from asthma induced allergies and can usually walk into a home with a cat and start wheezing right away.  I do not have these allergy issues with the Siberian Forest Cat breed.  This is also the case with my daughter and other family members who suffer from allergies. 

There is research on why they can be tolerated by most allergy sufferers.  Studies point to there being a low FEL-D1 protein in the cats saliva.  When they clean themselves, it is deposited on the fur and the allergen flakes off and becomes airborn, triggering the cat allergy symptoms. The levels of the FEL-D1 protein can vary in the Siberian breed but are usually considered to be much less than in other breeds.  The term hypoallergenic means "causes less allergic response." 

Multiple studies show that neutering/spaying sharply reduces the FEL-D1 levels and allergic reactions.  The allergen is hormonally affected and intact males produce the highest levels of the allergen.  The allergen levels drop sharply in both males and females after neutering.  It is one of the reasons we encourage early neutering/spaying with our kittens if you have allergies.

If you are interested in a Cold Spring Siberian Forest Cat, consider doing an allergy testing with the cats and evaluate how your allergy symptoms around them.


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They also have an excellent line of products including cat food, treats and supplements as well as a full line for our canine friends.

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When you pick out a breeder to buy your Siberian Forest cat from, get to know them and ask lots of questions.  You are adding a new member to your family.  

How your little "fur baby" starts out its life is very important. 

Make sure your new kitten comes from good strong healthy bloodlines and can be registered both with TICA and CFA. 

 If there is someone selling a Siberian for a much lower price than the average market price, then be wary.  There are some unethical breeders who do not breed to high standards and who are also passing off mixed blood cats as full blood Siberians. 

Ethical breeders do not make a lot of money on kittens.  

There is a lot of expense in high quality food, veterinary care, testing and quality bloodlines… it is a labor of love and not profit.   

TICA breed standards link - http://www.tica.org/public/breeds/sb/intro.php 

Our Policies

   Our Policies / Information

  • Kittens are sold by written purchase contract for $1250.00 for males and $1300.00 for females plus 6% Kentucky sales tax.  On occasion we do offer retired breeders with a written purchase contract for $650.00. We only offer the retirees to pre-screened families already on our waiting list.

  • This price includes spaying/neutering surgeries, a 72 hour healthy kitten/cat guarantee, a 2 year genetic health guarantee, kitten shots and veterinarian treatments/evaluations as age appropriate, a goodie bag that contains various supplies, toys, gifts, copies of both parents pedigrees and health record.  It also includes the papers to register the kitten with both the CFA and TICA.  

  • We do offer a $100.00 discount if you want two kittens.  This is highly recommended if you spend a lot of time away from home as Siberian Cats are extremely sociable.  This discount can also apply to a future 2nd kitten bought from us.  

  • All kittens will be considered as available until a non - refundable deposit of $300.00 is received towards a kitten.  We reserve the right to hold any kitten for observation to stay with us.  Payments can be made via PayPal (you must pay fees incurred), cashiers check from a bank, postal money order or in cash.  Kittens must be paid in full (Price plus shipping/travel expense) at least 1 week prior to delivery or pick-up if paying with PayPal or a personal check

  • We will only “ship” a kitten with a hand carrier in airline cabin.  Currently the rate for this option is $400.00 (A current quote will be obtained if this option is necessary.) 

  • We prefer to meet 1/2 way rather than ship kittens whenever possible, or if necessary, will drive the entire way.  Mileage to offset gas/ travel expenses may be necessary.

  • We will not allow declawing of any of our kittens/cats.   Please click on this link to learn more about this very painful and inhuman practice.  http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/cats/tips/declawing.html 

  • Our kittens/cats must be kept as indoor pets only!  They can be trained to accept a leash for outdoor time.  If you opt to allow your cat to go outside, any health guarantees are void. 

  • We screen the families that are interested in our kittens.  So do not be surprised if we ask questions about your family and home environment or even ask you for a vet reference.  These cats/kittens are very special us and we want to know they are going to the best possible home.  We reserve the right not to sell you a kitten for any reason.

  • We will not let a kitten go to their new home until we feel they are 100% ready to leave.  We will not let a kitten go to a home before they are 12-14 weeks old. 

  • Our breeding cats have been screened for FIV & FeLV.  We only breed bloodlines that have been tested and documented negative for HCM or PKD.  Currently there is no DNA testing available for HCM in the Siberian breed, when DNA tests do become available we will begin the DNA testing. 

  • All our kittens are from healthy championship lines and are registered with both TICA and CFA.

  • We do offer a 30 minute (Visits are limited to half an hour in consideration for the cats and kittens participating) cattery visitation.  This is not an accurate way of testing for allergies due to the number of cats we have plus other allergy triggers present in the home, such as our dog. We offer this for families who would like to view how their future kitten/cat has been raised. The visitation fee is $50.00 is non-refundable but will be fully applied to the price of a Cold Spring Siberian kitten, if a deposit is placed for a currently available or future kitten. This fee must be paid via PayPal before the visitation.  This ensure that the visitors are serious about wanting to see about how their future beloved pet has been cared for here and not just to come "play" with our kittens. This can only be done if we do not have any kittens under 8 weeks old or any females who are within 2 weeks of their due date.  We are no longer offering home visits due to a bad experience we had. 

  • Any person interested in our kittens who has allergies must do an allergy test with our kittens or cat. We do an allergy test by sending fur samples from the mother and father of the litter.  Siberians allergen levels can vary so the fur testing must be done with the parents of the litter (if you are looking for a kitten) or the adult cat (if you are looking at a retired breeder.)  The fur sample testing fee is $20.00.  This must be paid via PayPal before the fur sample will be mailed out. This use to be a free service but we have received many requests from people who are just curious about the hypoallergenic qualities of a Siberian.  We usually have to trim fur from our cats in order to supply the fur samples. This leaves the cats unable to be used for showing and missing locks of hair. This fur sample testing fee is non-refundable but will be applied in full to the purchase of a Cold Spring Siberian kitten.

Order From PayPal

All payments are non-refundable but will apply in full to the purchase of a kitten.

Our Males

Munchranch Killian of ColdSpring


 Red Silver Shaded with White 

Winterbrook Yuri Daniil


Seal Lynx Point

Our Females

ColdSpring Luna Dominickovna


 Silver Mackerel Tabby 

Luna will be retiring in 2019

ColdSpring Quinn Dominickovna


 Blue Spotted Tabby 

Quinn will be retiring in 2019

ColdSpring BellaTrix Yurievna




Our Little Princess

(Queen in training) 

ColdSpring Dear Heart Tippytoesovna


 Seal Lynx Point with White 

DearHeart will be retiring in 2019

ColdSpring April Tippytoesovna


Brown Spotted Tabby

ColdSpring Fiona Tippytoesovna


 Brown Mackerel Tabby 

ColdSpring Tatiana Dominickovna


 Brown Spotted Tabby 

Tatiana will be retiring in 2019

Cold Spring Flower Gal Tippytoesovna


Brown Mackerel with White

Bold Beauty Poppy Yuriovna


Brown Spotted Tabby

Cold Spring Boots Yurievna


Black with White

ColdSpring Polly Yurievna


Brown Mackerel Tabby with White

ColdSpring Maeve Yurievna


Brown Spotted Torbie

Our LIttle Princess

 (Queen in training) 

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